Sunday, July 11, 2010

Keeping Entertained & Award Ceremony

First of all, let's get down to the nitty gritty. Award time!!

I received the wonderful from the very sweet Asashia over at A Practical Mom Go check her out and say hello!

I also received from one of my favorite bloggers, Kate, over at Mommy Monolouges.
If you aren't following either one of these blogs, you should start. Now. That is all. Thank you very much to both of you. I really appreciate it. And also, as always, there are rules to this award ceremony we got goin on over here! Pass this little beauty on to five people. So I'm going to pass it on over, and if you have already received one, then take your pick!

1) A Little Kloep
2) Adventures In Vineyardland
3) Casa Di Cass
4) Really? I'm a Mom?
5) Strawberry Fields

What do I mean about keeping entertained? If you've read my blog lately, you know things have just been a barrel of fun at my house. Between Davis' ear infection, and still dealing with separation anxiety, I may be in a padded room here pretty quick. So, this brought a HUGE smile to our face yesterday. He actually 'played' ball with us. Meaning, he was rolling it back and forth to Michael and it was just so darn cute! So of course I have to share a couple of pictures I snapped with my phone.

I got this! I'm a pro!

I am such a big boy!!


Amy said...

You are so sweet to think of me for the award! I'm so excited - thank you! I will be sure to pass this award along this week! Thank you!!! ;)

p.s. - what a cutie! Love your pictures!!

Ashley said...

Wahooo! Thanks so much for thinking of me!

Alphabet Stickers said...

I love the title of your blog, so clever! And those pictures are to die for! Congrats on the awards :)

Tiffany said...

Congrats on your awards! I have given you another award! lol. Have a great Monday!

An Imperfect New Momma said...

Thanks for the award and congrats to you! Love the pictures of your son! So cute! I keep trying to roll the ball to monkey man but all he does is stick it in his

Diane said...

Hi, I am a new follower from Follow Me Back Tuesday

Diane @ Me, Him and the Cats

Big Mama Cass said...

Awww thank you!!!

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

I know I just said this in a post up above...but oh my gosh! He's so precious! How do you stand it?!

Yay for playing ball!

And I know ear infections suck! Lboy had 5 in 4 months--thought we were going to have to do tubes & then all of sudden the infections disappeared! Good luck with it all!

And don't get me started on separation anxiety--goodness me! We are in the same boat!