Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Moving Time...Again.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you know we JUST moved. And when I saw just moved, I mean we moved in to our current house in January. I'm pretty sure there are boxes still in the attic that we have yet to unpack. We had been in East Texas for several years, but our whole goal was to be back in the Dallas area. Of course, I have been elated being back here. My friends and family are here so it is wonderful being close to them again. But seeing as how life throws you the fastest curve balls, especially when you aren't ready to catch them, you just have to get that mitt on fast and throw it back. I haven't exactly thrown it back yet. I think I'm still processing this information like I just found out about it yesterday.

So, why are we moving, you ask? Well, since you are dying to know, I guess I'll tell you. Last year, Michael went to Tulsa to fill in for someone while they were out of town for two weeks. Davis and I went to visit Michael for a few days to hang out. I actually thought Tulsa was very nice! We went to the zoo, the aquarium, and other fun family places while we were there. So, while I thought it was nice, I never in a million years thought we would be moving there. Yes, Tulsa is where we are moving to. That same company called and offered a deal that we are obviously not able to turn down. So now the transition begins. And so do the stresses.

(This was on a bathroom door I saw on the way back to Texas. Seriously? I will send you smoke signals and you can come save me.)

Michael started his new job last week, and while he was working, I went for the week to help him look for apartments. UGGG!! Having to get an apartment while having a mortgage is just a tad overwhelming. If someone has any miracle grow for my money tree, I would really appreciate it. We found an apartment last week that we started to fill out the paper work on. I thought everything was peachy, but apparently not. I think I have become a victim of identity theft. I was flagged for being incarcerated for theft and auto theft in 2009. Come on, I may be a little wild, but I'm no clepto! Lord, help me. So while that is being handled, I am crossing my fingers that it is all settled. Oh, I was also born in 1968. I look damn good, don't I? Sheesh.

The sign was put in the yard just yesterday, and we had our first showing today. Wow!! I am crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes that we are able to sell this sucker soon. Looking for a house in the area??

While I know things will be better in the long run, things are just overly stressful right now. Davis wakes up and is always looking for Michael, confused as to where he has been. I also think he believes he is being punished because I have to keep all of his toys in the garage for when people view the house. His sad little face when he looks outside to see if Michael's car is there makes me want to cry. His tantrums that he has been throwing to show me how upset he is, is making me want to scream. The added stress is a lot! Serenity now, Davis!

And when this child throws a tantrum, he throws a tantrum. All DAY! But go figure he's an absolute angel when he's with others. Why is that? Riddle me this.

So, for now, I'm trying to stay calm and am praying Davis' baby horns stay in.


kisatrtle said...

Sounds overwhelmning. I might lie on the floor and cry too. Hope it all goes well

Working Mommy said...

Oh wow...if I was you, I'd be in the corner with a LOT of chocolate!! Possibly crying!! Definitely cussing!! Good luck love!