Friday, September 30, 2011

Heart To Heart Part 2

Dear Davis,
I don't want to say this out loud, but you have been amazing this week, and I really needed that. Don't get me wrong, you're still your crazy terror two year old self, but I saw a glimpse of mama's sweet baby in there. There were times this week so were SO good, it was actually frightening. And made me want to tear up. And alert the press all at the same time.

I took you to an event this week called 'Music Sandwiched In' at the library downtown. I found out about it from the kid's magazine here in town, so I just figured it was a bunch of kids dancing around listening to music played by a quartet. This specific one we went to was called 'Music with a Twist.' One man played a violin, while another lady played the harp to such pieces as Michael Jackson, Led Zeplin, Elton John, Coldplay, and more. I have to say that is was awesome!! While we were just about the youngest people there, it didn't seem to bother us much because we had a blast! You sat in my lap for the most part and danced around. (Yes, sat in my lap. Please check your pulse) Or sat next to me in the chair. Or danced in the aisle next to me. Also flirted with some of the senior citizens not realizing they were listening to KISS. You were so good. As I had anticipated though, since there was live music. When we were leaving, a few women that were behind us told me how good of a little boy you were and they were shocked you sat still for an hour. Of course I thought, no shit, right?! But instead I mustered up a, yes, he did very good!

Another day this week, which was not so exciting, was new tire day. Oh how excited I was to get ALL new tires. Sheesh! But seeing as how they were pretty much legally bald and I'm driving home today, that may be a good thing. So while we were getting new tires, you and I walked across the parking lot to the mall. I swear, someone was smart by putting Good Year in the same parking lot! We went dress shopping, for me of course, for a wedding I am going to next weekend. Then you got to play around on the indoor playground and carousel. Once again, checking my pulse. You did so good. I seriously wanted to reward you (and me) with a cupcake!

And last but not least, yesterday! I had a spray tan yesterday morning at someones house that you came with me to. You played with your toys and were so quiet. Seriously, did someone sedate you and not tell me? You were great! Afterwards, we had to go check out a preschool that I'm thinking about sending you to because I may be going back to work, which feels weird saying. You immediately found the music class and went right in like you'd been there before. So cute!! After the preschool tour, we then went to a meeting so I could check out a spa I may be working on call for my spray tans. While you were getting a little rambunctious, you still were so good! Overall, I have to say this has been one of the best weeks we have had in such a long time! Gold star for you!!

Davis, I love you with all my heart and you continue to melt it all the time. Even little things get me. Like when you woke up screaming from a nap yesterday, and you kept saying POOH!!! Evidently, pooh bear escaped to the floor during nap and that was not okay.

Thank you baby, for the love you give me. For the sloppy banana kisses you give me. And for filling my life and my heart with love and joy.


LOVE MELISSA:) said...

this is the sweetest post!! I loved it!

Stephanie @ dial m for minky said...

So sweet! That music event sounds awesome!

Impulsive Addict said...

I agree with the other girls. This is the sweetest post! What a great pic of you two! Banana kisses are the best! =)