Monday, September 19, 2011

Heart To Heart

Dear Davis,

Don't worry, Mommy still loves you. I love you with all my heart, to the moon and back, and bigger than the world. Even though you sometimes make me want to bang my head into the wall, you still melt my heart with your sweet kisses and hugs. I know what you are going through right now is just a phase, but if you could please just have a talk with yourself and move this along quickly, mommy would really appreciate it. Now that we are staying in an apartment temporarily, I think your shrill screaming is going to have the neighbors wondering what is going on in our home. I would prefer CPS to not show up at my door. Then again, I'm sure that when I told them that I have a two year old, they would just nod and smile.

Luckily, I know that I am not alone. That what you are going through is normal. I know mommy gets very stressed and my face sometimes turns into a sweating tomato, but not to worry. I will not explode.

I still get excited when I wake you up every morning and get to see your face. I still look forward to every night when I get to sing you to sleep. I look forward to cuddling for five seconds here and there when you'll let me. I love watching your face when you try new foods and realize you love it. And when you experience something new for the first time, you get so excited.

So, you and I are both going through something new right now. But we are both making the best of it, as best as we can. I know you love me, little man. Your body is changing and your mind is growing. But anytime you want to simmer down, both daddy and I would love it.

Don't forget we love you, my crazy little two year old. Try to bring it down a notch.


"A temper tantrum, whether thrown by a child or an adult is a coping mechanism occurring because an individual has not learned how to correctly manage disappointment"


Sew.What. said...

Amen! Aiden is going through this "I am not going to go to bed" phase. It's been 3 months now of taking anywhere from 1-5 hours to get him to fall asleep. I told Kris the other night I just want to beat Aiden with a pillow to get my frustration out, but it'd be my luck he will love it and want a pillow fight. *sigh*

Cheers to living in apartments with a 2 year old!

Working Mommy said...

Poor mama!! This too shall pass and you will be a better mommy because of it...don't worry! xoxo heading your way!


Anonymous said...

I could have written this myself!

And no, you are definitely not alone!

ShaRhonda said...

Ohhh the two's- but for my daughter 3 was worse due to the drama and now 4- we add queen to it! You know, I commend you for not exploding. And, if you do it will be okay- because you know your limits. What a great Mommy you are for writing this down. Blogging us such great mommy therapy!