Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Am Special-Note To Self


What do I mean by this, you ask? Well, if you have been on pinterest lately, or seen a million people posting and pinning images of sock bun curls, then you know how beautiful they are. I thought, sheesh! I got this! My hair is going to look gee-or-geous!

Isn't that beautiful? I'm sure you have guessed that is obviously NOT my hair. No. Not. At. All! I watched a tutorial the other day and was ready to go. However, she demonstrated on her little girl, not herself. So I followed, step by step of exactly what she did. I was so excited this morning to unveil my beautiful flowing locks. I was going to have the easiest, most beautiful curls.

So, I get up, and unravel my hair from this tiny little sock. That's right. Like I said, I followed step by step as in the video. She used a toddler sock, so I figured that since I have a toddler, I have a lot of toddler socks. Why did I think this? Lord, I question these things all of the time. So I unwrap my hair from this tiny little sock and just stared. Surely this can't be right. What the...????

Then I realized, Hello not five year old little girl! Use a bigger sock! Man am I blonde! But at least I can follow instructions, right?!???
I got to work quickly and started straightening my hair. But really, how did I think I was going to shove all of my hair in a tiny little sock and it actually look good??

I will try again. I will concur this sock bun thing. My hubby may be missing a few socks, but it will be done!


Anonymous said...

LOL! I would have done the same thing and use one of my 2 year old's socks. Cant wait to see how your hair turns out.

Impulsive Addict said...

Forgive me for laughing at you! This kind of thing normally happens to me...not other people so I'm excited I can laugh at you.

But now I really wanna see you with the big girl sock. Come on! Don't leave us hanging!!

Chelle said...

Can't. stop. laughing!

And I seriously laughed out loud! I'm at my in-laws and they all gave me the side look like I'm weird...haha!

ps-totally would have done this myself, lol!

Nessa said...

Oh man that is funny! I haven't tried it yet... maybe I will wait for your round two first.

ShaRhonda said...

I hadn't seen the sock tutorial, but I did my daughters in socks back in April- people thought I was weird. Hers was gorgeous! Try it again, okay! Good to know on the size of socks. BTW- I rolled hers in socks for crazy hair day and people really were surprised how beautiful it was.