Monday, September 26, 2011


Being in a new city, let alone a new state, is overwhelming. With new adjustments, transitions, and trying to figure out where you are, can be a little rough. Maybe the finding out where you are is just me, because Lord knows I can't read a map. Thank goodness for map quest on my phone, or I'd be really lost!

One thing that has been a God send has been seeking sitters. Whether you are new to a city, or just don't have a sitter, this company does all the work for you. I put my trust in this company and feel confident with the sitters that have come to watch Davis. Locally owned and operated (check for a location near you, as they are in most states), seeking sitters was started by a licensed private investigator. You can rest assured knowing your sitter has had a thorough background check, and is first aid and CPR certified. Seeking Sitters can help with a full-time, part-time or even last-minute babysitter needs!

Another wonderful thing about Seeking Sitters is they come prepared with a bag full of new toys and crafts to play with your child. What child doesn't want to play with something new for a few hours? Davis is very comfortable with her, as I have had the same sitter come several times. And with Davis never being left with a sitter before besides family, leaves us feeling at ease.

This has been a wonderful assest for us, as we have actually gone on a few date nights now. Dinner and movie? Yes, please! Seeking sitters will be a perfect fit for your family, too. You'll be glad you checked in to them!


(Florida) Girl said...

Good luck with our move. And thank goodness for date night. ;)

Anonymous said...

I will have to check that out. There are times I need a sitter and no one avaiable.

Impulsive Addict said...

What?? Shut up! Is this for real?? I doubt my craptastic state (or city) has this but I'm willing to check!!