Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm A Mad Housewife!

For the wine, that is. If you know me (which you don't have to. Simply look at my header and that says enough) then you know I love me a good glass of wine. Vino is my friend to the rescue. My partner is crime. One that lets me put my hands all over him and never says anything. Oh, sorry.....I got a little carried away.
I am a sucker for a great wine label. Whether it is a painting, an image I love, or just the logo itself that catches my eye. So, needless to say, this more than caught my eye.
Who wouldn't that attract? I love it!! Not only does the label crack me up, it's pretty darn good wine, I must say. I drink mostly reds, so the Cabernet is my favorite.
And the other thing I LOVE about the bottle is the verbiage on the back. If it's anything I hate about wine, is when it tells me nothing on the back. Give me a little story. Tell me about the wine, where it's from. Give me a quirky little blurb about how the bat crazy wife made everyone stomp on the grapes until they had blisters from the stems? I don't care what it may be, but tell me something. Everyone knows that the surgeon general says don't drink while you're pregnant, and not to operate machinery. (Does a flat iron count? That could be machinery and be dangerous!) I was pleasantly surprised when Mad Housewife gave me this quick little summary that spoke to my heart. Which then led to the bottle to saying, please, drink more. We are one.

“Somewhere near the cool shadows of the laundry room.
Past the litter box and between the plastic yard toys.
This is your time.
Time to enjoy a moment to yourself.
A moment without the madness.
The dishes can wait.
Dinner be damned.
Mad Housewife Cabernet Sauvignon”

This just gets me. Only I am allergic to cats, so we will have to have a talk about that. Pretty great, though, right? Have you tried it before?

What are your favorite bottles? Wines?

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Jenna said...

I've been wanting to try that wine. I'm not much of a red wine gal myself. I prefer sweet white wines.

Saralyn said...

I found you through Kelly. I love wine and totally have to check this out! I am a sucker for a great bottle!

Anonymous said...

I love that your a wine girl, I can't wait to have a glass with you!