Monday, March 12, 2012

Make My Monday!!

Okay, everybody! It's that time again for MAKE MY MONDAY with the amazing and fabulouso Kelly! Go ahead and grab our butt....on, post it, and link up! This week the questions were
3/12/12-What is your style best summed up as? Classic, trendy, modern? What is your typical go to outfit? What beauty product can you NOT live without?

 My style is....that's actually a good question. Most of my days I'm in gym clothes. I wake up in the morning, grab little man, and head out to the gym. IF I have enough time, I shower and get dressed for the day there. If not, I go out in public like a stinky gym rat, and pretend I have no clue what the looks are about. Or I lean over to Davis and say Whew!! Stinky diaper! haha :)
My style is a modge podge of different things. I love classic looks the best, I would say. Things that I can keep in my wardrobe through seasons, and not 'discontinue' them. Just because the fashion designers don't like a certain piece anymore, doesn't mean I feel the same way.
I LOVE easy dresses that I can throw on that are effortless. That is my go to outfit. Whether it's a long summer dress and sandals, or knee length with some boots. It makes me feel like I'm among humans and didn't just have food thrown at me. Good thing I carry wipes!

And last, but not least, my beauty product I can NOT live without is concealer! I have always had bags under my eyes that are a red shade. This isn't attractive to most people, so I try and hide them as best as I can. Even if I'm just going to the grocery store, I slap some of that stuff on and I feel awake again!!
That stuff is the best. It's by Urban Decay and I drool for it. It moisturizes, and covers soooooo great. I think any mom should be handed some after they have a baby. Just sayin!

Hope you link up with us! Tell your friends, your mom, your neighbors, and of course, tweet about it! 

The next two weeks topics are :3/19/12-Where is a place you go to for "ME" time? What do u do to relax? How do u deal with a bad day, a tragedy,or disaster? Who's the person you go to the most when Your Down?

3/26/12-What is your favorite thing about spring? Favorite color? Favorite flower? Favorite place to enjoy?
Favorite things to do outdoors??


Impulsive Addict said...

I need to try your consealer. I'm new to using it and I think I like it. It takes me crows feet away! WHO KNEW?!

I love being able to throw on a cute summer dress with sandals too. I forgot about that! HA!

{Shawn's on vacay so I had instructions to link her up!)

Anonymous said...

i love dresses, my fav too! I can't wait for vacation! real soon! cute style!!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Oh, I love the dresses! Such cute finds!