Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday, In The Park....

I just have to say, it is GORGEOUS outside today! The weather couldn't be any better and to add a cherry on top, Davis is in the best mood. Crap...did I jinx it? Hehe :) The past few days have been rather challenging with an ongoing battle with our downstairs neighbors. They don't quite understand that banging on my floor when he is crying won't make it any better. That in fact, this scares the bejeezus out of him, therefore making him SCREAMMMM!!!!! Freaking idiots! But instead, they blare their radio until all hours of the night. Have I mentioned lately I am beyond excited to get out of here in two weeks!??!! Holy Moly! This has been the longest six months ever. Can't wait to start over fresh. Again!

Today has been such a nice and relaxing day. We all got sleep last night (which sure beats us all being up until 4am the previous night) so we are all wonderful! Ahhh!!!! We love going to the grocery store together and picking out our food for the recipes for the week. Yes, we like grocery shopping. I'm sure you think we are odd. Maybe it goes with loving new foods? Loving food in general? I have no idea. So off to Whole Foods we went, to enjoy an awesome meal, and on with our shopping! Davis loves helping, and putting all of the veggies and fruits in the bag and placing them in the cart. I love that he loves helping, and I love teaching him about healthy foods. It's really cute and really puts a smile on my face.

Other than that, we are being lazy bums and watching movies all day. Tomorrow we will either hit up the circus that is in town, if we can still get tickets, or go see the new Dr. Seuss movie! Yay for either :)

Don't forget that 'Make My Monday' linkup is just two days away! Do you have your recipe you are going to share?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

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Eclipsed said...

We're having a lazy day around here too and we just bought tickets for the circus. Weird lol