Friday, March 23, 2012

One Week Down....

The first week in Houston, I have to say has been pretty successful. We've stayed pretty busy, and I think (I say think) that Davis is slowly starting to understand that we are staying here. I did take him by the new house the other night, and tried to tell him like 50 times that 'this is our new house.' What I'm sure didn't help was that we didn't stay, there were a ton of people working, and why was there dust all over the floor? And wait, if this is our house, where is Dexter? I'm just glad that little man is so young, that he won't remember most of it. Someone told me a few days ago that this is all harder on me than it is on him. I totally agree, thank goodness. My heart just cries a little when he asks me to go home.

I did find a Mother's Day Out program for Davis this week, though. Yay!!! It will be Tuesday and Thursday only, for a few hours a day. Perfect! I have my first spray tan appointment booked during his first week of school. Another score! (don't forget if you're in Houston, I have specials going on. Sorry, had to throw that in there) We also activated my membership again at LifeTime gym. Have you ever been to one? I swear, it's perfect for moms. I could spend the whole day with Davis there! They have an amazing childcare center, pool and kids pool, cafe, spa, amazing classes, and new equipment. It's a dream. We went there yesterday and spent like 3 hours there working out, having lunch, and Davis throwing a tantrum.

Our house is coming along great. It's just awesome. Goodness me, I'm just a little excited! So they painted samples, and went ahead and did the master bedroom to give me the full effect. DROOL!!! I chose a deep gray and it has a purple tint to it. Trust me, I know it sounds weird. But it AMAZING!! Even the designer was like, I think this is what you wanted, but umm, not so sure. I'll just have to take pictures soon and show you, but just take my word for it!

I even got to have a girls night out last night! What?!? Yes!! I know someone in Houston! Shut yo mouth, I know! It was fun to get out for a few hours for dinner and drinks, and no public tantrums. I'm hoping this is a good sign of things to come. This week has been pretty stinkin great for the most part, and I'm praying everything will be fantastic! I'm excited for work, although a little nervous at the same time. Houston has so much competition, so it's getting that first handful of people to start the whole word of mouth going. Slowly but surely. I know it's going to take time and will happen eventually. Plus, I have to remind myself I've only been here a week!

Date night tonight with my lovie, and children's festival tomorrow! It should be a great weekend!!! Hope you have a fun filled weekend, as well :)

As a side note, what the heck happened to blogger?? Why can't they leave good alone? My list is gone...can it be recovered? And the format? What in the world? I'll have to take blogger classes, now. haha :)


Kimberly said...

Oh I see your format is all weird. I have to go and check mine.

Your settling right into Houston! My husband works during the week in Houston.

Anonymous said...

Glad everything is going good! love you!

Breann said...

We should arrange a meet up! I live in Houston and work in the 59 and Kirby area. Email me!

Jenna said...

Congrats on getting moved and settling in! :) Can't wait to see pictures!

Jenna said...

Congrats on getting moved and settling in! :) Can't wait to see pictures!

Shawn said...

I love painting rooms colors, who wants white or beige when you can have summers night blue?

I'm glad you're adapting well, it already sounds like you're fitting right in.

3 hours at the gym? Yeah that would never happen with me unless it included a 90 minutes massage and a pedicure. Working out is so over rated...says the fat chick with the peanut butter and honey addiction!