Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh, Transitions

Davis is slowly still adjusting to being in Houston, and the poor guy is taking a little longer than I thought. Every day he asks me when he is going to go home. He even brought up his buddy from McKinney, which was house #2 for him. And that was also about 8 months ago. If you're just starting to read, we have now moved 4 times in a year. Yes, freaking shoot me in the face. This week, Michael had to leave to go out of town VERY expectantly. And when I say VERY, he came home in a tizzy, saying he had ten minutes to pack a bag and a car was waiting for him outside. He has yet to come home. So now, Davis thinks we have moved to a new place, and daddy is never coming home. Needless to say, this week has sucked like major! We had to go by the new house this week to pick out fixtures, flooring, etc (which by the way, Davis was awesome, especially being there for FOUR hours!) so overall, was a trooper! I've been trying to explain that we will be moving in soon, and that's our new house. Davis is so confused and last night, asked me if daddy was going to be at the new house when we move. My poor little guy.
I also haven't been able to leave Davis at the gym for very long to go workout. And I mean, like 10 minutes, and they are paging me over the speaker system to return to the childcare room. He's beat red, in hysterics, and screaming for mommy. While on one hand, it's sweet he wants me, but worries me at the same time. He is used to going to the gym everyday. This whole move has set him over the edge. I can't put him down, leave his sight, and he hasn't been wanting to eat as much since Michael has gone out of town. I have that helpless sense, of not really knowing how to handle this at the moment. It's frustrating, tiresome, and of course, worries me. I hate that my little baby is having a rough time right now. He just seems worried and scared. Like he's afraid I'm going to turn the corner and run off and leave him.

All I know to do is talk to him and tell him everything is going to be okay. That mommy is here, and daddy is just at work. And don't worry, we are going to get settled next month. Everything is okay. And to pray and pray hard. I don't want my little baby scared.


Doré said...

I completely understand as my daughter does not do change, period. We moved 7 months ago and she has just barely started feeling comfortable in her bedroom by herself. She becomes very clingy as well and is my shadow when there is a change (big or small) in her life. What works for us is patience, reassurance, same schedule and making her surroundings as normal as possible. I adapt to most anything, so it has been a learning experience to have a child that doesn't like change or transitions. Good luck, but it sounds like you are doing awesome! And 4 moves in a year....Wow!

Shawn said...

Wow you poor thing! You certainly have have a full plate haven't you. The only advice I have to offer is stay strong, pray often and know that this to shall pass!