Friday, April 30, 2010

Who's Going With Me?

I recently wrote my 150th blog post! When I started blogging, I really just thought it would be something I would do for my family to see pictures of Davis from time to time. Little did I know what I would be getting myself into. I have always LOVED writing, and this turned out to be a new outlet for me. I was the kid in school that actually liked doing book reports and papers. Don't ask, I have no idea. It's better than math.

As I kept writing more, I started to get a few followers here and there, and would get so excited. I was thrilled when I got my first! (I have a new goal I'm trying to reach, but I can't jinx it) I love knowing that what ever it may be that I am writing, someone out there can relate to me. Whether it's issues or friends, or deflating boobs after breastfeeding. Gotta love that, right?!?

But I want to thank everyone that reads my blog, makes comments, give me feedback, and lets me know what you like or what I could work on. I love that I've actually gotten to know some people out there through the blog world.

Which brings me to my next random topic of the day. BLOGGY BOOT CAMP!

Bloggy Boot Camp will be in Austin, Tx in October of this year. Who's going with me??? I read so many great things about these from learning to drinks. (Cocktail hour after) Come on. You can make it happen! On the SITS website, there was a long list of people that were going, but I'm afraid I don't know these people.

So...what do you think?


*LLUVIA* said...

Hubby and I dream about moving to Austin, TX one day! We were there for a whole month one time and LOVED IT!!!!

As for Bootcamp, I have yet to justify (convince) this expense to my husband. :)

You'll probably meet awesome bloggers and make new friends. Have fun! I'm jealous!

Shannon said...

Yay for your 150th post! It's kinda addicting isn't it? Happy weekend!

Jenn@the loves of jenn said...

Oh, I'd love to go. I've always wanted to go to one of these. Maybe I should. Gotta see if my mom can come watch the girls though....sounds like a blast!

Debbie said...

I think for so many of us, blogging turns out to be such a source of support and friendship. It's great, isn't it?

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

OMG! I so might be going! And so will my friend, Ericka, from Alabaster Cow! We can all save each other seats! haha I'm really hoping that I'll get to go! It would be so awesome to actually "meet" you in real life! And congrats on the 150th post! I've set a goal of trying to get 100 follower (3 more to go)-I think when I do I'm going to get the blog design I've been coveting from April Showers! lol

Anonymous said...

you know me and kate!!! let's meet there!

sanjeet said...

It's kinda addicting isn't it? Happy weekend!
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