Monday, January 16, 2012

28 Month Update

It's Davis update time and I have really gotten away from doing these. My last one was about 7 months ago, but at least we haven't had any earth shattering changes since then.


I think for most moms, this one is such a biggie! How I do not miss the days when I was walking around like a zombie. Davis' schedule hasn't changed much...yet! Thankfully!

Wake up: 8 am (earliest would be 7:30, but reads until I get him out of bed)

Nap: 2-5 (Nap may vary 30 min more or less, depending on the day. Again, if he wakes up early, he reads quietly in bed until I get him up.)

**The quietly part is changing lately because it is TEETHING TIME! As you know, this is such a barrel of laughs, and is just the time of your life. Now please shoot me**

Bath, Book, Bedtime: Starts around 7:20 for a bath, then a few books, then off to dreamland. Michael usually takes over at night, and does the night time routine. Mama gets a little break. Plus, it's "their time" together, and they really like it.


I think Davis has the appetite of a high school quarter back. What am I going to do when he actually is in high school? Goodness, me! He eats everything, and anything. Bread is "pizza" and I have no idea how this started, but it's cute. Pizza is his one of his favorites though, which is funny, because that was pretty much my first word. Cottage cheese, cauliflower, V8, greek yogurt, grapes, salmon, and goldfish are his most favorite foods. I can't seem to keep enough V8 in the house. It's his "special" juice. He also still consumes milk like there is no tomorrow. We go through so much milk, I need to buy a cow!


All aboard! Anything choo choo is his current favorite! Dinosaur Train (whoever came up with that show is a genius) or Thomas the train. I still limit his tv time to about 30 minutes in the morning, and he loves, loves the choo choo. Other favorites are of course trucks. He seems to have moved on from the ball phase, which is really weird. Fine, he's allowed to change. He also does a lot better about playing by himself and having quiet time. We are getting there. (I think school is helping-2 days a week-MDO)


PUH-LEASE! At this rate, he'll be 5 before I can fully potty train this kid. I seriously need potty training for dummies, because it just isn't working. He's gone a total of three times, over a span of several months. If only we could settle down and stop moving, I think I could go in full force! So for now, his dinosaur is the one who goes potty on Davis' potty. Good times.


Davis loves to help me with everything. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes his helping isn't so helpful. But, it's still one of those things that is so cute. He loves to help me cook!! I'll put the pan on the floor, and after I've chopped all the veggies, I hand them to Davis to be placed in the pan. It's so cute to watch him get excited. I've also found this is a good way to teach him about new foods. Of course, I did tell him pears were apples because he was looking at the funny...but he devoured them. Clorox rags are another big interest right now. He cleans anything he can reach and then wants to do "more, please." Why yes, you can clean as much as you want! And laundry! This has to be my favorite! He strains to get the cloths in the wash or the dryer, and doesn't stop until it's in.

He's just getting so big!!! :( If only I could bottle up time!!

Have a great week, everyone!

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