Friday, January 27, 2012

Chop, Chop. Snip, Snip.

After two and half years of long curly locks, I finally put the scissors to my little man's head. As much as it hurt me, it also pained me to see Davis running around looking like a homeless child. The hair was out of control! Curls were falling in his eyes.
Hair was sticking straight up. I think a bird even made a nest in there! Since I was just trimming it, I figured, who better than to cut his hair than me! I mean, I used to cut my doll's hair, so how hard could this really be! I grabbed the scissors, my homeless looking child, and got to work!

Hey guys? Why does mama have scissors? Wait, why is mama getting close to my head with scissors? This can not be good. Should I be scared??

Wait, Gigi! Stop taking pictures of me and do something! Mom has scissors! She can't even cut wrapping paper straight! Hello! Gigi?! I'm scared, now. I'm scared!

Gigi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make this stop!!! My hair is fine!!!!!! I hate my life! I heard my mom say I looked like a homeless child! I am known for my hair! It's my trademark! Giiiiigiiiiiiiii!!!! Why are you letting her do this to me?? This is so unfair.

Wait. Wait. Oh! Look! I still have a ton of hair. Wow, okay. All is good in my world, again. Can I have my train now? Phew, that was a close call.

I totally see a new profession in my future! Ha!

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missy. said...

have you seen i don't know how she does it?! this reminds me a part of the movie. if you haven't seen it yet, watch it.

his hair is darling. well done lady. xoxo

Eclipsed said...

So funny!

Brooke said...

He'll be throwing the same tantrum tomorrow when he wakes up and realizes you left him with me. Davis.. "Mom? Mom? are you crazy? I'm scared for my life! Where are you? Please come home now!" She's put my helmet on backwards again and i'm trying to tell her thats not how you strap me in my chair at the table. MOOOOOOM!!!!"