Monday, August 9, 2010

Busy Bee

I am counting down the days until....drumroll....Davis' first birthday party on Saturday! Yes, this Saturday!! My little monkey man is going to be one years old. How does time fly by so fast? Wow! I went on a mission today to try and find him a shirt saying 'Birthday Boy' or '1st Birthday.' You get the point. But I had no luck! I did find a LONG SLEEVE shirt that I could have bought, but I decided against it. As much as I want a cute little shirt, I don't want my poor guy having a heat stroke on his first birthday! If I have to get a Sharpie marker, I will draw a number 1 if I have to! But I did find a ridiculously cute 1st Birthday party hat that he is going to absolutely hate, but I love it :)
Michael's mom and step dad are coming in this Friday and I am so excited! Yup! I am actually excited for the in-laws to come in town. She is so beyond excited to see Davis! Plus, I know at some point we will do a little shopping, so who can argue with that? So this week I am trying to get things together. Last minute errands, attempt to clean the house and hope it stays clean for longer than an hour. (I think someone breaks in in the middle of the night and hangs out here! Maybe they ate that chicken, too. If you're new, you'll have to read this.) Cake! I need to get him a cake. We were going to bake him one, but I actually want it to look cute, and taste good!

(I know my son's name isn't Jake, but this is adorable!) So needless to say, Saturday we are going to have a house full. Davis is probably going to be massively overwhelmed and not know what to think about it! And I really, really hope that I don't tear up when we sing 'Happy Birthday' or at some point. If I do, hopefully I won't be alone on this one! Surely someone at some point had to have teared up a a little. Michael just shook his head and said he really hopes that I don't!

Nothing has changed with his seperation anxiety. It's still a daily battle. If he leaves the room, it's fine. If I leave the room, screams. I also want to get his allergies tested soon too. Has anyone done this yet? Before? If this poor child is anything like me, he is going to be allergic to everything. People tease me all the time and tell me I should be in a bubble. So sweet, huh? I know, I'm bubble girl. It's not that bad, I'm not allergic to air or anything. Just the freshly cut grass wafting in the air!

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Shana said...

First of all Happy Birthday to your sweet little boy. My Blaze just turned 3 today and his party is Saturday. I wish I had known you needed a shirt because i could have made him an appliqued shirt with a one and a sock monkey or something. If you need one made for pics or something let me know and we can work something out. I am totally ordering a cake too. I can bake one and even do it all from scratch but that is a lot of work I can save for having fun lol. I love your new blog look too. About the allergy testing we had the blood test done on Blaze because he was sick so much and it tests for like 50 different common allergies and is a lot easier on them than the skin testing. we found that he was allergic to eggs and soy and dairy. But if he isn't having any issues then I wouldn't worry about it yet. They are going to do the skin test on Blaze soon because he is developing some new allergies to something in the environment and we can't figure it out. He has asthma too so we have to find out what is causing all the congestion to keep his breathing good. Wow, sorry I didn't mean to write you a book or anything haha.

Asashia said...

Ahh, have a fabulous birthday Davis! Another idea is to buy those iron on letters and numbers if you need to make a last minute shirt. A friend of mine did that to commemorate every time her baby hit a new month.
As far as allergy testing, Little Bit had to undergo that to figure out his allergies (to nuts, just like Mommy). My doctor did skin testing but it's more irritating to them than anything else.
Good luck with the testing!

Marisa and John said...

We had to get Ty allergy tested when he was 6 months per his doctors request. Pediatric allergists have come a LONG way. He had the skin test and we found he's allergic to outdoor allergens- which I guess is pretty rare when they're babies. :( Its painless for them (more annoying) and they do it on their legs instead of back. The hardest part is holding them still for the 15 minutes. I hope you guys have better luck and Davis doesn't have them.

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday to your little boy! My daughter turns one .... in November! And, I'm already trying to sort out party plans in my head. Hope y'all have a great time!

Daisygirl said...

OH I love that cake! I can't believe your baby is gonna be one!!!

Separation anxiety sucks! I hated that stage and was lucky to survive it...if I did you can too!

I can't wait to get my necklace! And seriously asking my boyfriend to buy me more!

sara said...

Happy almost birthday! I can't wait to see the pictures. And don't worry about the shirt, Davis will be adorable in whatever he has on!

Kristina Churchill said...

You should check out she will make you a cute boy shirt with any number on it! Just e-mail her!

Love your blog and posts, just dropped by from SITS :)

If you have time stop by my blog, and help with a decision I am trying to make! Which illustration to choose of my daughter Katy.

Have a great B-Day!


Carolyn said...

My lil one ( now my big one!!) couldn't gain weight after I stopped nursing her, she got terrible rashes and seemed to be allergic to everything and it turned out she had food intolerances and was sensitive to chemicals like preservatives, colours & flavours- the chlorine in the water I made her milk up in, the Rosemary that they put in rice cereal, my deodorant!
It took ages and lots of taking things out and knowing what was least likely to aggravate her, we got a core of rice, lamb, beans and potato and now she has a very healthy diet and lots of variety.
It gets easier when you get some definite answers that hel you know what to avoid!
Biggest hugs for the birthday boy... & some for mumma too :)