Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Done Did My Hair...From Pinterest

I recently posted about some of my hair LOVES on pinterest. I try to recreate them, but since I pretty much stink at hair, they look okay.....ish, but not the same. This happens to be my favorite of them all.

I think I've been trying to perfect a french braid for, well, my life. So, I still need a lot of work. But I still had to show you my improvement.
1. I didn't wash my hair today (yes, that's right, I didn't wash it) so it was particularly thin. I think I should have teased it more to have the part like her.
2. I'm laughing at myself in the first picture, because I am having to bend down to take a picture of myself (which is weird) since that mirror was positioned so low.
3. The third picture is the reason why I had to bend because of my wedges I was wearing. Which, by the way, are super comfy. They are like slippers on a wedge. Perfect for mommies!!
4. So, you can kind of see what it resulted in. I still wore it, but my whole braid thang needs some work. I'll get it by the time I'm 50!

Are you as addicted to pinterest as I am? What's your favorite thing to 'pin'?


ty said...

I love hair and nail ideas, but I can never make it happen ... woof.

Anonymous said...

I love your hair! you look beautiful! I love to pin anything...=)

Nay said...

cute! I suck at hair too. I am always so stoked when I get it partly right. Good work!

Jenna said...

Very cute! This makes me wish I had long hair again! I love to pin crafts diy and random other things.