Friday, February 17, 2012

On My Heart-My Little Monkey

My little man is going through a hard time, which is making mama go through a hard time, which is making me want to scream. Just like with every child, you go through one phase, meet a section of calm water, and then the rapids are treacherous again. Trying to figure out what is going on in the brain of a two and a half year out, is like trying to communicate with a mime. It is close to impossible.

Davis' fits are in full swing again, and have yet to meet that patch of calm water. It seems from the moment this child wakes in the morning, he is angry at the world. I am the lucky person that gets to greet this bundle of joy in the morning, and carry on my day. Or at least attempt to carry on my day. I am trying like crazy to get this child potty trained, but it seems I am being defeated. I might as well start stocking up on every size, and get the child some Depends, because this has to be the hardest thing ever. This morning like usual, I get Davis up to go potty, but instead, Pooh Bear needs a diaper. No, No, Davis. I think Pooh needs to go potty instead.
So Pooh sat, and sat, and sat some more. I have to say, Pooh did an excellent job so he got a treat. Davis on the other hand, I'm still working on that. Is there a potty training genie I can hire? No joke!

I do have to say, that staying in this apartment for that last several months has been a chore. There is hardly any room for Davis to play with his toys. And of course the bigger he gets, the bigger his toys get. Like any overly energized toddler, he runs in circles, drives his trucks through the kitchen, and yells with excitement. A lot! Being on the third floor, this is highly unacceptable to my neighbors. If Davis is too loud, we get thumps on the floor. Many thumps on the floor. Which in turn scares Davis to death, gets him rilled up, and freaks my dog out. We basically go in circles with this. Needless to say, I'm so over it and can't wait to get the heck out of here.

Today was like no other, except for my slap across the face. No, not from my neighbors. You would see my face on the next episode of 'Snapped.' Davis and I were making different animal noises and just being silly. He was obviously done playing our magnificent animal noise game, because he wound back, and popped me a good one across the face. In utter shock and trying to fight back tears, he got put in time out. The time out led to having his favorite toy taken away, explaining why he was in time out, and telling him he could come out after he told me he was sorry. This took quite a while because my child is insanely stubborn like I am. So the screaming led to more screaming, and just kept going. But wouldn't you know, right when I got him to calm down after time out, more banging. So the cycle started back up again.

This whole situation is just hard for me because how to you tell a child to stop playing? Well, in my opinion, you don't. Or get upset because he's screaming at 10am on a Friday morning. It's an apartment full of guys below me, I can't help if you're hungover and he's waking you up. If I told Davis to stop running the trucks across the kitchen floor, or yelling in excitement, he would think he's doing something wrong. Which makes me sad to think he can't be a kid and I have to keep him out all day long because of my neighbors.

I am, however, ready to have my happy Davis back. Feeling like my sweet baby can't stand the sight of me hurts. And his anger right now is of course making me want to know what it is stemming from. I know one thing, I'm just ready for a clean start, and no neighbors below us in a few weeks!

Whew! That was a load 'on my heart,' that's for sure!

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Jenna said...

There's a reason a lot of people call it the terrible twos. I try to make it more postive and say its the teachable twos.(I stole that from a training class)
It's really hard to remember that the fits are usually a result of not being able to express what the real problem is. (at least for my kid)I try to walk him through what's going on and how we can fix it or handle it better.. Sometimes it works and we all calm down and sometimes I ended up holding my child in a weird leg lock so he doesn't pull his "hulk smash and destroy" trick on everything in the house.
I remember the first time Scout slapped me. It broke my heart. I handled it in the same way you did but I took tv time away.

I'm sure all the other mom's will say this will pass and I'm sure it will. That doesn't make it any easier though or less heartbreaking. Stay tough momma.

Your neighbors sound like jerks.