Sunday, April 18, 2010

CafePress Earth Day Photo Contest/Tote Giveaway

This year will be the 40th anniversary of Earth Day!! Help CafePress and iVillage celebrate all things green with their Earth Day Photo Contest. Enter you photo and share you green dreams and hopes. It can even be a simple one liner! You could win an Eco Vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands! (If you win, please pack me in your suitcase. That's all I ask! You can even leave me there!) Also, you can also receive a FREE special edition eco-tote, designed by Studio Number One. The special edition tote is made from three plastic bottles spun int o 100% polyester! Pretty amazing, right?!? You only have to pay a $1.25 for shipping. (I have mine on the way!)

All information about the FREE tote and photo contest can be found HERE.

Don't forget about all the great stuff CafePress has to offer! CafePress is the perfect place to find unique and personalized gifts, for any person and any topic!

This is a top I got for Davis! CafePress has some hysterical stuff!

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Daisygirl said...

oh my gosh I love his little onsie...that is fabulous!