Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things I Used To Do Before The Little Monkey.....

Things I Used to Do Before I Had Children (without Giving Them a Second Thought)
1) Look longingly at babies

2) Cuss like a sailor-ette

3) Go shopping for myself quite often

4) Have nicely painted nails

5) Wear dry clean only clothing

6) Stay up past midnight (to have fun with friends before diaper land)

7) Have sex at night

8) Long, hot bubble baths!!!

9) Did I mention have sex, period?

10) Look at the screaming babies mother in the grocery store, thinking, please make it stop!

11) Have spontaneous outings

12) Didn't think about keeping a clean house all the time! (I mean, yes I cleaned...but now you can't just let it go! UG)

13) Sleep in if I want to.

14) Have just "me" time

15) Laugh a lot less. Being a parent is just too much fun!!

Knowing now I wouldn't trade this for the world!!! What are your "use to dos?"


Shell said...

Look at your adorable guy!

Before kids, Sunday afternoons were for napping, watching movies, and having sex.

No way now.

But, my kids make it worth it that I've had to give up some of the "me" things.

*LLUVIA* said...

Look at gorgeous Davis!!!!

Oh man, I used to love to go to Borders or Barnes and Nobles, order a cup of flavored coffee and read read read read!!!!!

I used to go out and stay late with my friends!

I went to the movies a lot!!!

Daisygirl said...

The sex will come back...I promise! It may be awhile but when it does again its hot ;)

I miss painted fingernails too, I don't even do them anymore because its so not worth it!

Love your little guy, the laughter and smiles are the best!

New Mommy!!! said...

agreed!! So true!! Adorable pic, he's getting so big!!

Cindi @ Moomette's Magnificents said...

Happy SITS Day!

I used to do many of those things too, before my kids & grandkids. Now I'm too broke from raising the kids, putting them through college and weddings. I still get my nails done though.

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