Thursday, April 15, 2010

Step Into The Ring!

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Being a mom isn't always easy. Lord, sometimes it's not even fun. You know those days. And sometimes, you just need to vent or need support from people and it's not always that simple. That's where the judgement can set in. You know you're guilty of it, too. What mom doesn't want to raise smart, healthy, independent children? It can be hard not to compare your child to the next, and get criticism back in return. Oh, your child isn't crawling yet? Your child isn't saying your name yet? Why are we so hard on each other when we really need the pat on the back every once in a while?

So you don't do everything the same as your mommy friend. Thank goodness for that or we would be living in a pretty boring 'Stepford Wives' kind of world.

If you're like me, you probably bought a ton of books while you were pregnant, trying to figure everything out. For anyone who is considering the same, let me sum it up for you a bit:
Sleeping with your baby is good. Sleeping with you baby is bad.
Schedules, yes. Schedules, no.
Lay them on their stomachs. Lay them on their backs.
Bottle. Breast.
Cloth diaper. Disposable diaper.
Wean. Don't wean.
Toilet train. Don't toilet train.
Pick them up when they cry. Never pick up a crying baby.
Public school. Home school. Montessori school.
Competitive sports are good. Competitive sports are bad.
Fluoride. No fluoride.
Vaccines. No vaccines.
You're Welcome.
Moms get so fired up about these issues you would think you are in a political debate. Sometimes you don't even ask opinions and you get their unsolicited advice. Even from people you don't know. Try ordering a coffee while you're pregnant and don't think you won't be getting any strange looks. Not doing a keg stand over here, people!
So what do you do? Suck it up! Grow thick skin! Absolutely nothing and brush it off. Let you take care of you, while I take care of me.
Pretty soon our topics are going to expand a lot more, including ones that don't include baby. Your child telling you they hate you. (Not looking forward to that one) Slamming of the doors. (Maybe I should take them off) And of course, the rolling of the eyes. (I invented that. They can't do that)
Time to take the judgement in stride or we'll never survive the mommy-hood ride.


New Mommy!!! said...

I love this post!! Thank for writing it!!

Daisygirl said...

This is my favorite post from you least what I remember! I was like you and read all the baby books...and then I burned them! Well not really I sold them at a garage sale. One said one thing the other said another. I just had to do what worked for me...and ya know what it works for me!

The I hate you thing is the worst but I can tell you if you cry about it you may get an apology and a little cry least it worked that way with my daughter!

Netty Cakes said...

You have received The Honest Scrap award from me! Be sure to stop by my blog to pick it up!

Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

Since I have a teenager, as well as preschoolers and twin toddlers, I have definitely had the rolling eyes, "I hate you!", and the slamming doors. I just hope she remembers it when she has children!
Happy Saturday SITS Sharefest!

Accustomed Chaos said...

AH loving your post! it is so true!! there are counters for every parenting style and decision.

Love your writing!

Stopping in from SITS
Devan @ Accustomed Chaos

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

I'm so right there with you. Being a mom is hard! And other mom's just make it harder! = (


Great post!